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Logo Competition
Asia Case Research Centre Logo Design Competition

At the close of our competition, we received 180 fantastic designs that exhibited incredible creativity in spite of our exacting design requirements. Competition entries came from students and professionals from Hong Kong, Mainland China, the UK, Denmark, the Philippines and the US. After careful consideration among our staff and judges, the CABC is pleased to announce the "Seal" submitted by London graphic designer Victoria Evans as the winner of our competition.

The decision was a very difficult one to make and ultimately we decided to focus on those that incorporated the many aspects of our requirements and exhibited a number of features including:

  • a logo that could stand on its own and be clearly identifiable
  • a link to our existing design scheme
  • inclusive in nature

We believe we have found all of this in our winning logo.

Congratulations to Victoria Evans, the designer of our logo and winner of our competition, for her creativity. And finally, a very sincere thank you to everyone who entered a design. We are grateful to you all for your contribution toward making this a truly special competition.

Competition Winner
Logo Designer Designer's Comment
Victoria Evans,
Graphic Designer,
London, UK

The logo should convey the Centre's modern, advanced and cutting edge approach. Simplicity is key, not only because it relates to a vast range of industries and disciplinary areas, but because it will have to be easily applied to different items. Please find brief concepts explanations below:

"Seal" JPEG file
Seal of approval. Of official and authoritative nature. It retains regional legacy but with a modern approach for its shape and colour.

Colour palette - Current purple colour remains working in harmony with orange, it's complimentary colour. This allows to keep current yellow as a secondary colour.

Other Finalists
Logo Designer Designer's Comment
Chui Yu Tung,
Hong Kong
Rectangles on the left symbolize case study archieves while the circle with a handle represent a magnifying glass. It symbolizes research on Asia with the its map being enlarged. Color choices match with the existing color scheme of CABC website.
Leung Chun Ho,
Hong Kong
Using the Chinese word ˇ§Humanˇ¨ to execute the ˇ§man powerˇ¨ meaning in the business flow. English letter ˇ§Aˇ¨ and Chinese word ˇ§1ˇ¨ both means ˇ§the first oneˇ¨, while the English word ˇ§Asiaˇ¨ also begins with the letter ˇ§Aˇ¨.
Lucas Lou,
The University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong
Min Ni,
Marketing Assistant,
Shanghai, China
"ACRC' in a modern motif.
Min Ni,
Marketing Assistant,
Shanghai, China
'ACRC' in Chinese stamp.
Paul Rogers,
Civil Engineer,
Isle of Man, United Kingdom  
The primary goal of each logo is to create a modern, fresh and unique identity for the CABS. All of the logos attempt to represent dynamism, whilst the globe designs show the spread of case knowledge to Asia and beyond.
Poon Sin Yi,
Hong Kong
A map of Asia reflects ACRC is the largest Asia-based producer of business cases. That logo shows a corporate image of centre. And the vertical lines present a business and statistic feel.
Too Wing Tak,
The University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong

The logo is a combination of letters "A.C.R.C"

Uwe Kloiber,
Hong Kong
A = Asia = typical asian roof / reaching sky of the world / static

C = Case = container / pool of facts / multifunctional

R = Research = browsed page / looking into & behind / versatile

C = Centre = concentrated / congress & focus point / complexity

- as whole or as "ACRC" adaptable
- optional with hexagon " "

Victoria Evans,
Graphic Designer,
London, UK

"Sphere" JPEG file
Conveys an important part of the world, a place that researches locally and globally, therefore a sphere built with a dynamic shape that suggests interaction.

Wong Yuk,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Hong Kong
The direction of the arrow to the west shows the business with the western countries. Together with the white dot it forms the letter ˇ§Aˇ¨, which represents ˇ§Asiaˇ¨. The square execute the sentence ˇ§¤Ń¶ę¦a¤čˇ¨.
Karsten Skjoldhoj,
Graphic designer MDD,
Copenhagen, Denmark